book submissions

Please read the following with care:

We like collections (of poems / stories / essays / hybridised work) and encourage formal experiment.

Submission is free in the months of February and November. If submitting outside of these windows, please purchase a HVTN book in lieu of a tip jar submission and cite the paypal reference number in your cover letter. Writers on low-income or from typically marginalised backgrounds are exempt from this, and we will read your work year-round. Please do state that this criteria applies in your cover letter, but note that there is no obligation to specify how it applies.

Response times might vary more widely outside January and August. However, please nudge us if you have not heard anything after 3 months.

Please familiarise yourself with the current house cover style, as represented by Misherit, B O X and Strays, and be content with it. The interior will be black and white and typeset in Cardo. If you want something different, you are welcome to pitch the idea but please do so in your initial submission. We enjoy playing within these design constraints and welcome ideas for how to do so with your book.

We aim to publish 4 books a year, predominately with initial runs of 150 copies. Authors will be paid a £1.25 per book rate (usually £187.50 / $246.99) and receive 10% in author copies (usually 15), plus a 50% discount on any future author copies (min. order 20 copies). Further payment and author copies are issued at the same rate on future print runs. Please note that orders from the author will sometimes be sent direct from the printer and the payment structure does not apply to these runs.

Thank you for reading, if you think HVTN is a good home for your work, we would be delighted for you to send a manuscript at a minimum of 36 pages.


Submissions that disregard guidelines will be disregarded.