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‘A book is an entity, to be reckoned with in its entirety — the most successful books are those which account for the interrelations of conceptual and formal elements, thematic and material concerns.’

Johanna Drucker, A Century of Artist Books, (p.122)

Call for poetic artist books – 15th june until 15th september

There is no such thing as a ‘normal’ or ‘neutral’ book. Every publication is the result of a multitude of conceptual, visual and material choices, combining to shape a reader’s experience. HVTN’s  ‘house style’ is no exception. With our new artist-book imprint, ‘Interruptions’, we aim to open up a space for projects which don’t fit the standard format(s). We want to publish experimental books and poetic artefacts whose forms are inexorably tied to their contents and whose contents are tied to their forms, creating opportunities for poets and language artists to take full creative control.

We strongly encourage approaches which challenge our ideas and conceptions of the ‘book’, projects which delve into the tactile and visual potential of text through innovative structures, detourned materials, new binding solutions, etc. Send us your scrolls, leaflets, stickers, boxes, cards, concertinas, confetti. We are always excited about interdisciplinary and collaborative projects, so don’t hesitate to pair up with calligraphers, glass blowers, filmmakers, makeup artists, taxidermists, landscape designers or contortionists. Beyond these possible collaborations we also welcome solo proposals from artists who don’t have a poetry background.

HVTN works on a pre-payment plus author copies model. Rates will be agreed with individual authors prior to the acceptance of any given project. For an idea of what HVTN authors usually receive, you can look at our payment structure for Books. Budgets, pricing, and margins will vary significantly between projects due to the scope of Interruptions. Projects could range from a zine to a colour poetry/art hardback in the Interruptions series, and so we cannot commit to specific rates at the time of submission.

We enjoy the work of Guillemot Press, Singing Apple Press, Prototype Publishing, Zimzalla, Moot Press, Gefn Press, & Coracle Press, and encourage you to investigate their work prior to submission.

Please send

  • A pdf of your designed manuscript and/or a pdf documenting a mock-up of your publication.

  • A single pdf containing both a short explanation of your project, detailing how your material choices tie in with your concept and textual content & a developed notion of dimensions, paper type, binding, and how it can be safely mailed to prospective readers (500 words max).

  • Please consider reproducibility and postage when putting together your proposal. To make sure we are able to easily distribute your publications we will need them to be suitable for transport and to fit the maximum size of a small parcel (45 cm x 35 cm x 16 cm). Please include a plan of how to package and post your object without risking damage.

All to the editor, Iris Colomb.

selected examples

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